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Baby Backpack Free for Babies from Nestle

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Babys are wearing backpacks now?  I mean they are giving away this baby backpack where your baby can start school at like 1 years old?  It’s like as soon as they get you out of the womb they are playing mozart to your and baby einstein.  Before the baby turns 1 he’s going to be speaking Chinese, Russian, and English without a problem.  Will babys be getting their masters degrees at age 11?

So if you want the best for your baby, get them a backpack filled with baby stuff (and trust me more baby stuff will come after, whether you have a baby or not!)

Baby Backpack Free for Babies from Nestle
free via this link (look at the right side middle)

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7 Responses to “Baby Backpack Free for Babies from Nestle”

  1. Kat Dalt says:

    Got mine very fast !!!! Nice sample and diaperbag ! Thanx !!!

  2. Nadine says:

    Very nice! Got mine quick too!

  3. Pierre says:

    Kool got mine exremely fast nice!

  4. margielaine says:

    I registered for this in Feb when I first saw the offer on your site. Baby’s due date is July 5. Have not seen anything yet from Nestle!

  5. Karen says:

    got mine quickly!!! its great

  6. Meachelle says:

    How do I get the samples?

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