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Bandana from K2 for Canada

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It’s freezing in Canada but k2 has the solution.  Just get a free Bandana this winter and be prepared thanks to K2. We realize that it isn’t winter without snow, but does it really have to snow on the inside of my car? Yes it snows on the inside of my car. I need to scrape the inside and the outside of the car in my winter, simply because all that moisture freezes on the inside of my windshield. So as I’m scraping the inside of my car, wearing my K2 Bandana, my passengers are fearful of what else is wrong with my car.

So this winter, make sure you keep warm, and maybe get some bandanas for your friends as they want for you to prepare your freezing crappy car, that is if it’s anthing like my old 92 Camry…

Free Bandana from K2 Snowboard
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4 Responses to “Bandana from K2 for Canada”

  1. Jeanne Barrett says:

    I will not be sure till I check this out

  2. laurie says:


  3. Marc Laperriere says:

    I try many time un the last year never receive anything from them

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