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Best Free Canadian Samples and Deals

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Before I start writing about all these Canadian samples and deals, etc, I wanted to point out that yes the True Lemon is for Canada, even right on the form it lists Canadian signup so we aren’t sure why anyone thought it was for the US? Even MusicNut the best Canadian free sample writer pointed out that yes, it’s not a US free sample, it’s a CANADIAN free offer! You can still sign up for this CANADIAN free sample via this link.

Now there are those days we struggle to find a free deal for Canada, it can be tough, but we do our best to search, contact, and eventually find everyone something each and every day.

Almost free Canadian Deals
Free New York Fries with drink purchase (not completely free). Link for locations, printable coupon via this link

Free Canadian Samples
Free cookie on your birthday at Quiznos via this link

McCruelty Action Pack from Peta (yes another one of those controversial samples)  but yes they always give away free samples of stickers etc so if you like the weird stuff they send get it via this link

Thanks everyone who comments and helps us make this free canada sample site better.  We do make mistakes, but often than not some of the forms on the external websites can be confusing so thanks for letting us know when that happens!

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5 Responses to “Best Free Canadian Samples and Deals”

  1. Nathalie says:

    I know why most people could not see it, they “click here” for the free sample instead of entering the information on the main page. I know because I did the same thing.

  2. carol says:

    says for U.S. residents only..lists states and no provinces and lists some stores not in Canada so where exactly do we sign up…i don’t want news letter i want free sample

  3. musicnut says:

    For True Lemon – this is the link below. Don’t click the ‘Free Sample Request’ button on the right side of the page – that will take you to the US form & store information. Just copy & paste the link below into your browser and scroll midway down the page. The Canadian form is right on this page to complete, but it’s in the middle of the page.

    The Canadian Page is titled ‘Register for Free Samples and The Main Squeeze’. It looks like you are signing up for both free samples and a newsletter when you complete the form.

    Here is the link to the Canadian Store Locator:

  4. M Alexander says:

    Quiznos free cookie sample requires a telephone number -
    NEVER give out your phone number.

  5. Mary says:

    I’m new here. Does this realy work

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