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Breyers Canada Samples and Coupons EXPIRED?

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Tell Breyers Canada what you think and sign up to be on their free samples and coupons mailing list.  I’m not sure Breyers is gonna send a tub of ice cream through the mail packed with dry ice, but they are known for giving little freebies and decent coupons away.  Sure the only way I’ve been able to get actual ice cream samples is by begging the sampler ladies on the weekend for food, but it’s summer, gotta have my breyers.

And that reminds me of a letter I need to write:

Dear man who eats icecream in the bathroom without one hand while entering, peeing, washing your hands, and even wiping them off all while finishing an entire ice cream cone.

1. What’s your secret?
2. Please never show me this again.

Breyers Canada Samples and Coupons
Sign up via this link Might be Expired

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38 Responses to “Breyers Canada Samples and Coupons EXPIRED?”

  1. Karen Whalen says:

    I tried signing up for Breyers and got this:
    •Invalid column name ‘encrypted_address1′. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_postalcode’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_homephone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_workphone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_cellphone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_email’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_birthday’. Invalid column name ‘isEncryptedRecord’
    I wasn’t even asked for my workphone, cellphone or birthday.
    what is wrong, do you know?
    Plus: yeah the guy eating icecream with ONE hand in the bathroom is disgusting!

  2. charissa123 says:

    Couldn’t get this -
    •Invalid column name ‘encrypted_address1′. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_postalcode’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_homephone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_workphone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_cellphone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_email’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_birthday’.

  3. Enid says:

    I couldn’t get this either. I got the same messages as the two previous people who left comments. Any other suggestions?

  4. rosemarie says:

    i tried but got the runaround invaild add even my name and adderss so what gives i should know my own name had it all my life and my address to

  5. rosemarie says:

    about the byers icecream its the only brand i like

  6. Marlene says:

    I couldn’t sign up for the free sample from Breyer’s either!

    WHAT GIVES????

  7. alycats says:

    Well, it’s everyone I guess. If this gets fixed would you please repost it? Summer=ice cream lol

  8. teresa says:

    I ‘am not sure the time difference but I tried signing up at 2PM –Alberta time and I got the same messsage—so I sent back a message to have this site reviewed–

  9. Linda Fast says:

    I had tried signing up for this last month ans it did not work then either.

  10. HD Matz says:

    I couldn’t get it to work either..
    Invalid column name ‘encrypted_address1′. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_postalcode’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_homephone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_workphone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_cellphone’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_email’. Invalid column name ‘encrypted_birthday’. Invalid column name ‘isEncryptedRecord’.

  11. lisa says:

    i got the same encrypted msg too.

  12. Marie says:

    Just as many others have mentionned I also have tried to fill out the form and it refuses to accept it stating some invalid lines!

  13. margielaine says:

    I had the same problem as the others. This is very frustrating as I am a real ice cream fanatic!

  14. C Mc says:

    Having the same issue as everyone else when I try to sign up for this site. The encrypted message. Don’t even understand what it means because it looks like I am typing english to me.

  15. Lynda Clack says:

    Hi- I tried signing up for Breyer’s three times and got the same messages as every one else did. Any chance you can get them to fix the link? It’s not something on our end because we all “submit” what looks like a simple form with comments-which I also wrote three times-. Just forward all the messages to them and tell them we’re thinking about switching to Haagen Daz…….


  16. mel says:

    the site does not work. take them off your list of freebee’s
    they will be the loser as we all should not buy the ice cream.

  17. susan conrad says:

    i have knoe idea why i cant get in

  18. Marg says:

    I sent an email to to let them know about this problem – we’ll see what they have to say.

  19. Marg says:

    I meant :-)


  20. Mary Ann says:

    Same thing here Invalid column name and encrypted all over the place. what gives? Either this is something to sign up for – or maybe they don’t want our business.
    Did someone set this up all wrong? I hope someone looks into it. We love icecream in this home – and it shows…in our waistline.

  21. Kim says:

    also had the same problemretried it about 5 times then gave up

  22. admin says:

    Holy heck… here is the deal. It was working when we contacted them. Sometimes they get a little overwhelmed.. It happens. So I will contact them, repost if it is fixed. In the mean time we put another freebie up for today

  23. Same as the other, would not let me sign up for samples and

  24. Would not let me sign up.

  25. gina says:


  26. Marg says:

    Here’s their response to my email letting them know about the problem. I wrote back to them saying I wanted my name on their mailing list, not sure if it was necessary or not as they had my name already.

    Thank you for contacting us about the problem you had with our website. We have forwarded your e-mail to the Web Master and appropriate staff.

    Upon your request we would be happy to add your name to our mailing list. This list is private and used only by Unilever Brands. We do not sell or share this information with other companies. Names are randomly selected from these lists for periodic mailings and promotions.

    We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to contact us and hope you continue to use and enjoy the many fine products.

    Thanks for your interest!

    Chris Green
    Breyers Consumer Services

  27. Melody says:

    Hey guys! It’s working again! I just signed up and my info went through….

  28. Melody says:

    Hey guys! It’s working again. My info just went through

  29. Frank says:

    Using Apple Safari I was able to successfully sign up for the newsletter. I had to disable Autofill and Javascript because the postal code boxes kept changing to weird numbers (a common problem I’ve experienced with other websites). I think Breyers website is badly coded..likely friendly only to Microsoft Explorer? Oh the things I have to put up with to get free “frozen dessert” samples.

  30. Sheila says:

    I got an email from Breyers and they told me to go back in via the link and resign up. It’s now working

  31. NICOLE says:


  32. caroline says:

    I had no problem with it, worked for me, just have to wait for sample now

  33. Enid says:

    I just signed up, so it is now working again……

  34. Dee says:

    I’ve tried numerous times and everytime I get shut out when I try to enter my postal code. What’s up people?

  35. Carly says:

    I just tried to get a sample and it let me so I’m guessing it’s working again because at the end it just said “Thank You!”.

  36. Sharla says:

    yeppers ;) worked for me! can’t wait for coupons – the best tasting ice cream in my opinion!

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