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Bumper Sticker Free Sample No Food No Farms

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Without Canadian farms there is no food right? This free sample for Canada Samplers is a bumper sticker, says it all plain and sample “no farms, no food”. Without Canada Samples would there be no free samples? Without free samples would there be no more reason to check the mailbox? Without mailboxes would mail men not have a job anymore? Without jobs would we all just go crazy?

So as you know without free samples and Canada Samples people would just go mad. They would sit on internet and actually work at their jobs rather than checking this free sample site. Mailmen would have less work to do, and people would just get junk mail all the time. So just think how vital a free sample site like this really is!

Free Farms No Food Sample Bumper Sticker
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4 Responses to “Bumper Sticker Free Sample No Food No Farms”

  1. louise kaszuba says:

    sticker no food ,no farms

  2. Anna Newman says:

    Not Canadian ask for ZIP

  3. CherryGerm says:

    this page cannot be found

  4. zachster3 says:

    “We’re sorry – the page or function you tried to access could not be found on our web site. We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to email us at, including details of how you arrived at this page, so that we can correct the problem.

    Thank you for your help,

    American Farmland Trust”

    This promotion must be over, or they changed the link !

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