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Canada Santa Helpers Video for Kids

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Your child wants to be the new santas helper? Well they don’t need makeup and funny clothes to become Santas helper this year.  We came across this santas helper online video creator that will allow you to put your face in the Santa video and imagine how great life might be if you were one of Santa’s helpers.  I mean I’ve had bad dreams that started with me being only 3 feet tall walking around with funny clothes on, but of course I’m one of those people that find 3 foot tall people and clowns scary.  Yes, I can can completely relate to all those crying kids.  A man wearing strange makeup and laughing hysterically is considered fun?

evil elf

You have to wonder what’s happening when you sleep… I could swear these toys come to life and create mischief at night, though maybe I’ve watched one too many scary Christmas movies.

scary clown

Yes that’s laughing Sal the scariest doll who creates a horrible laugh aimed at annoying adults and scaring small children and sample a day writers.  If you wanna get scared, we’d recommend the following movies: Santa Claws: His SLAY bells are ringing.  Silent Night Deadly Night, or even a Scary Christmas Story. (Yes these are all real movie titles!)

So you want to create your own Free Santas Helper Video? Yes you can create like the one featured at the bottom of this page.  Keep in mind that this is online only, they won’t send anything to your house, we just figured it’s pretty clever.

Free Santas Helper Video
Sign up via this link (make sure to click NO THANKS twice on the top right)

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