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Canadian Club Free Calendar for Canada

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2009 is fast approaching, if you are ahead of your game you already put up your christmas lights, and are just about ready to get your Calendar. Why pay to get a special Calendar about puppies or something you are interested in when you can get a free Canadian club calendar compliments of (yes you guessed it) Canadian Club. Is this a club, for people who love Canada ? Perhaps it is a club for Americans who understand the true threat that Canada imposes upon the states because of their control over the maple syrup industry. Well, surprisingly its not either of those things.. instead Canadian Club is a Whisky company, so if your goal for the new year is to stop drinking, maybe this free Calendar is not for you. If on the other hand, you like Whisky, Canadians, maple syrup or all of the above, this free Calendar just may be for you!

The free 2009 Calendar
click here for the free 2009 Calendar
*Site asks that you are 21+ to receive the free 2009 Calendar.

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5 Responses to “Canadian Club Free Calendar for Canada”

  1. Ena Walton says:

    Submit button doesn’t work

  2. Ena Walton says:

    Times out before it finished loading

  3. Derek C says:

    Site worked fine for me, Signed up and i got the confirmation page when i submitted it….says it should be here in 4-6 weeks

  4. Angie says:

    It says they have run out of Calendars.

  5. MICHELLE says:


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