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Canadian Free Sample Forum for Free Stuff

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As you know we’ve had our new Canadian Free Sample Forum for awhile.  We’ve had some great posters posting so many free stuff posts that our Canadian forum has over 500 free samples for Canada.

Occasionally I like to revisit the latest forum posts and suggest some of the best that have been posted on our site. 

Some of the best free samples for Canada from the forum so far includes:
Rockstar Energy Drink – Get some free stuff from the drink company that keeps you up in the morning.
Sun Vibes Massage Oil – Get free canadian oil for a massage.  Now you just gotta find someone willing to massage your back.
Free Fabric Samples – Get some fabric samples. Not sure why, but they make great rags.

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6 Responses to “Canadian Free Sample Forum for Free Stuff”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Your freebies are much to be desired..MOST of them are US only and the ones I have applied for have never come!!!

  2. Karen Whalen says:

    I have found that some of these free samples are great, they come in my mail box at the post office and I always look forward to seeing what mail I will get.
    I have never noticed a sample that is for the U.S.
    Thank you Canada Samples!

  3. Marie says:

    I love receiving free samples courtesy of Canada Samples daily emails that notify me of great give aways and coupons all Free! They help to brighten my days that are spent going to physio, filling in more government forms verifying that yes I am disabled and no I’m not chronically lazy or insane…..well I’ve learned to admit Nothing! Free is good, the samples can always be used for something or as a gift, bribe……

  4. joanne stubbs says:

    All of the samples I have received from chocolate covered sugar free almonds to a new puppy kit, have been really fine. I look forward to seeing the fabric samples and hope they are large enough to make a towel topping.

  5. bdidol says:

    @ Bonnie, that’s not true…I got all the samples so far which I ordered.

    And regardless to see those are all in good quality.

  6. Christine says:

    Ive gotten LOTS of free samples. Bonnie, just a hint, if u never get any free samples it could be that u are trying to get ones just for U.S. residents only. Try looking for ones that are just for Canadian residents. sure, some free samples are for both U.S. and Canada, but try ones that are for Canada only. gl Bonnie.

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