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Free Sample Baby Pack (New Link Works)

Shoppers Optimum is offering a GREAT free Canada sample. It is a free sample baby pack. The truth is you have to be a member of their reward club. Not to worry because you can sign up for this for free! They don’t tell you what is in this, but the picture shows a bib […]

Free Sample Baby Backpack from Nestle!

On a scale of one to awesome, this Canada Sample is super awesome. It is a free baby backpack complete with diaper change pads. You also of course get free samples of formula and other great stuff. You have to be eligible to get the free samples however they explicitly say they are intended for […]

Free Sample Heinz Baby Kit

This Free Canadian Sample is chock full of infant-friendly goodness! Now, usually when free samples are made available to the general public, they’re small potates. Like a pack of sweetener here. (Big deal!) A pack of gum there. (So what?) Or even a chocolate bar. (Cha!) Not this one. This one is a full blown […]

Free Sample EnfaGrow Infant Supplement

This Free Canadian Sample is baby-centric. Haven’t had one of those in a while so I thought I’d feature  it. Now, it’s sort of weird that the form for this Canada sample does not allude at all to the fact that the supplement will be included in your baby package. But in the “Promotions” section […]

Free Sample Nestle Backpack & Baby Formula

This Free Canadian Sample is for expectant or extremely new moms and dads. (Or flat out liars, but more about this later…) So, Nestle knows that parenting is a 24/7 job. And in order to help you out with this simultaneously scary and exciting role, they’re giving away these free sample packs. This offer has […]

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