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Free Canadian Sample Fries On Your Birthday From NYF

Are you a fan of New York Fries?  Want some awesome goodies?  We have some good news for you!  When you join the NYF Fry Society loyalty program you’ll get all kinds of good stuff. Join the program and use your card to earn points that can be redeemed for free menu items.  You’ll also […]

Free Canadian Sample Birthday Smoothie From Booster Juice

Booster Juice smoothies are yummy!  Free Booster Juice smoothies on your birthday taste even better!  Don’t know why, exactly, they just do. Sign up for Booster Nation and you’ll be among the first to know the latest happenings and news, as well as interesting facts.  And, if you share your birthday with them you’ll get […]

Free Canadian Sample YO Bowl On Your Birthday From YoYo’s Yogurt Cafe

Go you, it’s your birthday.  Gonna eat frozen yogurt for free because it’s your birthday. That is, if you sign up for it.  YoYo’s Yogurt Cafe offers you a free YO Bowl each year on your birthday.  Just sign up on their website and you can claim your free bowl.  No coupon is required, but […]

Free Sample Red Lobster & Swiss Chalet Appetizer

These Free Canadian Samples are dedicated to you. One on your birthaversary, the other at any ol’ time. If you thought only your mama cared, you were wrong. The Lobster that is Red & the Chalet that is Swiss also care. And to prove it, they’re giving away free samples of hot, steamy, greasy food. […]

Free Sample Baskin Robbins on your Birthday

This Free Canadian Sample will make you feel all special and warm on the inside. Even though it’s cold and dreary on the outside. Because it comes to your on your birthaversary! You know, today in Toronto is supposed to be like -10 degrees. Which, I know, is not ideal for ice cream, but hey. […]

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