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Free Sun-Maid Cookbook

Okay so you’re not American. We figured… It’s a free cookbook dammit! And the recipes are pretty awesome. If you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen,  Sun-Maid is giving away free PDF copies of their Cookbook. Head to the link to download yours free now! It includes free recipes from hot cross buns, […]

Free Canadian Sample NOH Foods Of Hawaii Recipe Book

Can you ever have too many recipe books?  No.  No you can not.  Want to add another one to your collection?  Here ya go! Here’s your chance to score a recipe book that is probably unlike any that already have.  NOH Foods of Hawaii recipe book contains, you guessed it, recipes that you’d find in […]

Free Sample Kid-Friendly Recipe Book

Some children have a natural talent for cooking.  Nuture this skill with a free sample kid-friendly recipe book from Gooseberry Patch.  No one can guarantee that your little chef will be serving you prime rib dinners, but these beginning recipes could be a good place to start.   To get your free sample cookbook, request […]

Free Book Sample: No Longer a Slumdog

We can’t say whether or not you should sign up since it has Christian themes that we are not saying we support, just that we support free stuff and this is free! All we know is that it is free and available for USA and Canadian residents. We were thinking slum dog millionaire, and this […]

Free Sample Books for Nerds

You heard us, we got free sample books for nerds.  Actually, we just found the motherlode for free academic journals, research papers, and technical books.  Which is fancy nerd talk for “We found you some free books.”  You can visit the site below to check out a complete reference site with over 900 free books […]

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