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Free Sample 2013 Milk Calendar!

It’s live for next year, head over now and pick up your 2013 Calendar with pictures of milk!  Everyone can sign up and get this, just some people are require to call a number, most can fill out an online form. We’re not sure why the different rules per province, but that’s how it is… […]

Free Canada Sample Roundup

This Free Canadian Sample edition comes to you as a gathering of small goods. So hopefully one of them strikes your fancy… 1) It’s been said that Subway sandwich locations have been handing out 2011 calendars. I know we’ve already seen tons of these free samples, but if you’ve been intoxicated or in a food […]

Free Sample Ontario Travel 2011 Calendar

Okay, so we’ve been getting a lot of these Free Canadian Samples lately. But considering the time of year, it just makes sense to prepare for the one that is soon approaching. No? So here’s another free sample calendar for ya. What’s that? You’ve already got four? Too bad. Think of these Canadian samples as […]

Free Sample 2011 Pocket Planner

This Free Canadian Sample is NOT out of date. A pocket planner is nothing to scoff at, friends. Just because you have a smartphone doens’t mean that the rest of the world does. Plenty of people enjoy the pleasure of turning a physical page. In books, agendas, and even pocket planners. There’s just something nice […]

Free Sample 2011 Telus Calendar

Back in 2010 there was a free sample Telus calendar. Now for 2011 once again Telus is offering this free sample for Canadians only. If you are reading this congratulations on it being remembrance day. That means it’s time to remember that if you don’t switch calendars by the end of december you’ll be living […]

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