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Free Canadian Sample Toronto Transit Kids 12 And Under Ride Free

A lot is going on with the Toronto Transit Commission.  Some rates are going up, All Day Every Day bus service is once again being offered, and new routes are being added. But, the best change is that kids 12 and under will be able to ride for free starting this spring!  If you travel […]

Free Sample Bowling for Kids

Hey, there, Canadian sample lovers – we know that there’s two things you love, and that’s free stuff and quiet children, so we combined the two to bring you some great free sample bowling for kids.  All you have to do is head on over to the link below and find the nearest bowling center […]

Free Sample Heinz Baby Kit

This Free Canadian Sample is chock full of infant-friendly goodness! Now, usually when free samples are made available to the general public, they’re small potates. Like a pack of sweetener here. (Big deal!) A pack of gum there. (So what?) Or even a chocolate bar. (Cha!) Not this one. This one is a full blown […]

Free Sample EnfaGrow Infant Supplement

This Free Canadian Sample is baby-centric. Haven’t had one of those in a while so I thought I’d feature  it. Now, it’s sort of weird that the form for this Canada sample does not allude at all to the fact that the supplement will be included in your baby package. But in the “Promotions” section […]

Free Sample LeapFrog Children’s Book

This free Sample is for the children! Which means if you’re a parent, grandparent, older sibling, aunt slash uncle, or any other unmentioned sort of guardian, you should perk up in your seat and check out this free sample. This will contribute to the intelligence and well-being of your child, and let’s be honest. Parents […]

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