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Free Sample of Proteus Cologne for Men
Free Sample of Proteus Cologne for Men

Calling all men! You can get a free 10ml sample of Proteus Cologne, with  touch of bergamot, spices, fig, masculine florals, and Amaretto.Simply send an email to Free Men Scent sample!

Free Sample Hugo Boss Bottled & Bottled Night

These Free Canadian Samples shall make the world a better smelling place. Because not all of us excrete rose-scented perspiration. (Though if this does describe you, you could make a killing bottling it and selling it at market.) For the rest of us, there’s this free sample. Hugo Boss’s new sexy and dark fragrance for […]

Free Sample New Lacoste Perfume & Cologne

This Free Sample is available on the regs. But recently, to the selection, Lacoste has added “Joy of Pink” and “Touch of Pink” perfume for the ladies. But I ask you THIS about this free sample… What is the difference between a “joy” of pink and a “touch” of pink? And would such a difference […]

Free Sample Dolce & Gabbana “The One” Cologne (Coupon)

This Free Canadian Sample is man-oriented. That’s right, guys. It’s time to squeal with glee and jump up and down with excitement. And indeed, cologne can be exciting. Just ask any girl out there, and I’m sure the grand majority will have a favourite scent for their guy. Perhaps you can help sway their decision […]

Free Sample Hugo Boss Cologne & Perfume

This is another scent-worthy Free Canadian Sample for those of you who like to be fresh smelling. Perfumes & colognes are known for being sexy and raw, and all those other primal adjectives that make you feel like a jungle-dweller. Hugo Boss regularly offers up its scents on a rotating basis, so there is always […]

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