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Free Sample Good Nites Underwear

This Free Canadian Sample strives to keep situations dry. Because there are plenty of times when dryness is a bad thing. Allow me to illustrate… Example the first: dry mouth. Annoying because you get all chalky and cannot swallow with ease. Example #2: Dry skin, all flaky and itchy and not nice to look at […]

Free Sample Woodbury Product – Expired

A question for you, before I get into this Free Canadian Sample… Have you ever found yourself sooo freaking drunk that you wet yourself? (Or witnessed somebody do so?) I have. (The witnessed part, not the first part.) Have you ever been tickled or laughed sooooo hard, that a little bit of leakage occurred? Right […]

Free Sample Underjams Night Wear

This Free Canadian Sample is offered once or twice a year. And here it comes again for you parents in 2010. “Underjams” are a hybrid protective technology that combines the style and feel of underwear and the absorbency of  original Pampers. Perfect for bed wetting tendencies and potty training. But these free samples are not […]

Free Canada Sample Poise Protection Pack

This Free Canadian Sample is for your lady-parts. I’ve actually seen this one posted on our website before, but that was done in error. That’s right. Sometimes it takes a truly dedicated (and female) free sample describer like myself to bring out the truth. Poise pads are not just for periods. They’re actually made with […]

Free Continence Samples for Canadians

Believe it or not, we have had a ton of requests for free continence Samples from Canadians. We finally found a company willing to offer free samples of Continence products. Stuff like this can be vital for the people that needs them, like Nick’s college roomate after he drank way too much (he slept on […]

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