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Free Sample Mars Chocolate Bar (Coupon)

Free Canada Sample Coupons are so hot right now. And this is a particularly sweet one. I’m not sure what kind of person you are if you don’t enjoy chocolate bars. (Probably not one I’d like to know personally.) And though we all may have our preferences, getting ANY free sample chocolate bar would be […]

Free Sample Dior Eye Cream (Voucher)

This Free Canadian Sample is for eyeballs. Well, not so much eyeballs as it is for the skin surrounding the immediate eyeball area. You understand what I’m trying to get at here. Because the skin around your eyes is so thin (at least, comparatively to the rest of your body), it tends to show signs […]

Free Sample Druxy’s Salad (Ontario Only)

I know this Free Canadian Sample is sort of playing faviourites, and that sucks. So my apologies to the rest of this great land of ours. However, I thought it was important that some of us know about this, so I’ve decided to make a feature out of it. Druxy’s did this thing On Facebook, […]

Free Sample Chanel No.5 at Shoppers Drug Mart (Coupon)

This Free Canadian Sample reminds me of Amelie. You know, that French movie with the vivid colours and the cute little french girl in it? If you don’t know, you should thank this free sample for briniging it to my (and thus your) attention. Great movie, rent it. But in any case, the actress in […]

Free Sample Clairol Color Blend Foam (Jan 26-27 on Facebook)

This Free Canadian Sample is a biggie. And I don’t mean big like “relatively large.” I mean big like “freaking huge!” Why? Because Clairol is giving away 100,000 free samples of these new hair dye thinggies that come as a foam instead of a standard dye. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it’s […]

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