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Benjamin Moore Colour Tester or Colour Sample for Canadians

Wall looking a bit white and bland? Maybe it’s time to find a new color with the Benjamin Moore Colour Tester or Colour Sample. Your wall told me he’s been looking for a little change. All the other walls have gotten new colors like retro green, chocolate brown, or even strawberry pink. All he wants […]

Moviecube Rentals Freebies for Canadians

Just for registering the moviecube company will let you rent a rental for free. A free rental freebie? That means tomorrow can be movie night. Or tonight can be movie night just as soon as you can get your butt over to the movie store and type in the code they give you for registering. […]

Gym Pass Free to GoodLife Fitness Club

Time to get in shape and take care of our six pack, yes all that beer that gets stuckk on our stomach.  So we are using this gym pass at GoodLife to sort of check out the club and sort of you know, exercise, check out the people who exercise, and attempt to run a […]

Ebay $2 Off Coupon, First 50,000 – EXPIRED

Hurry up Canada Samplers and sign up for the Ebay $2 off coupon before its gone! What would you buy for $2 off at Ebay?  Carrot Top’s Greatest Hits, the Record to Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby? I mean o they play that at the club over and over as a joke or are they […]

Maple Leaf Foods Free Food Canada Coupons EXPIRED

We found a bunch of awesome coupons for Canadians… Maple Leaf Foods Canada has coupons for: * Free 300g Entree * Free 650g or 570g Dempster’s Smart, Pon Smart or Ben’s Smart bread product free * Free package of any variety of Schneiders Juicy Jumbos product * One Free 350g fresh pasta or 170g or […]

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