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Free Sample Dentyne Gum (Facebook)

My upfront apologies to those of you who hate Free Canadian Samples on Facebook. But Facebook is not the devil. FaceBook is a place to connect, you know so your mom can see what you’re doing at every waking moment or so that Grandma can comment on those drunk photos of you last night. Facebook […]

Free Sample Minty Kisses Gum

This Free Canadian Sample reminds me of something… You know when you see someone in class, at a pub, or in da cluub (or wherever else you like to mingle), and you can’t quite tell if they’re attractive or not? From afar it’s all good, but it may be far from good once you get […]

Free Canada Sample Dental Flix

This Free Canadian Sample will reinforce what your mother has told you. She was right about broccoli. She was right about staying in school. And she’s right about maintaining the health of your teeth. I actually have a friend who consistently manages to develop 3 or 4 new cavities every time she visits her dentist. […]

Free Sample of Flixsticks

What the heck is Flixsticks? Flixsticks is kinda a flix stick, of course! Wait that didn’t ,make any sense. Now you can get your free sample of Flix Sticks. It is kinda a hybrid between a toothpick and floss designed to get the gunk out of your mouth after you eat. It helps to remove […]

Free Canada Floss Sample, Flix Sticks

Gotta keep them teeth clean, and as I’m supposed to go to the dentist, I make sure to floss everyday the week before going to the dentist.  But, what about after the dentist.  I fall into old routines, turning my teeth into a place for germs and bacteria to hold a 3 month party before […]

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