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FREE – Coca-Cola Life 500ml
FREE – Coca-Cola Life 500ml

If you missed this sample the last time, it’s back. You can get a free Coca-Cola Life 500ml while stocks last. Head over to the link for your coupon. FREE – Coca-Cola Life 500ml

Free Canadian Sample Printable Meal Planners And More

Deciding what to make for dinner can be hard.  So hard, that sometimes you probably opt to just order out or grab fast food.  Maybe if you were able to organize your meals better you’d be able to save time, money, and calories.  Check out these free printables.  They can help! We found a site […]

Free Sample What’s App Messaging System (Updated)

This Free Canadian Sample is for you smartphoners. Specifically, for those of you who may own own one of the following: An iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Nokia (beta). If you don’t know what this free sample is, exactly, here’s a pretty good reason why you should be interested… “WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app […]

Free Sample Gift from Rogers (for non-customers too!)

You do NOT need to be a Roger’s customer to claim this Free Sample!#*&@#! I can qualify for this free sample, though I technically AM a Roger’s customer (digital cable, woot woot!) I thought this was exclusively for cell phone owners. Not so! Well, I’m sure the promotion was made in mind strictly for customers. […]

Free Canada Sample | Best New Artists Album

This is a free sample for Canada that is a digital download from Spin magazine. They are offering a free album of the best artists as free digital download sample. As they put it “While we revel in our memories of a glorious 2009, we can’t contain our excitement for 2010. These 10 artists are […]

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