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Free Canadian Sample FitSMART Vegan Protein Shake For A Friend On March 12, 2015

Mark your calendar.  Set your alarm.  Write a note on your hand.  Because on Thursday March 12th at 3pm EST you can send a free sample of FitSMART Vegan Protein Shake to a friend. There are only 1,000 of these samples to go around, so make sure that you are there at 3 on the dot […]

Free Sample Starbucks Coffee

Here is a big event that gets free samples of Starbucks for everyone! As they put it “Come to Starbucks for a free coffee tasting and vote for the roast you love most. We’ll even send you home with a little something as a thank you.” The voting actually starts… NOW! Yes you heard me, […]

New Free Sample Slurpee from 711

Here’s the new deal. So you missed out on that free sample 711 had back on 7/11/2011.  It was just a tiny slurpee and you had to push your way through kids as if the building was on fire just to get one. Well here’s a much easier way to enjoy a large, delicious, slurpee […]

Free Sample Nesquik Tetra Pak

Everyday at a random time Nesquik releases new coupons for a free sample of their Tetra Pak. These are like little packs of milk, the same like they give out to kids in grade school. The sad part is, they only give out so many coupons a day from Nestle.  As of right now they are […]

Free Sample Country Style Coffee (Mar 21-27)

Okay, so this Free Canadian Sample requires a little bit of work on your part. For you see, the promotion that Country Style is now offering is called “Sorry Try Again.” Apparently they’ve done these free samples in the past, since it’s “returning,” but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Here’s what you […]

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