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Free Sample Toothbrush Shield

Do you let your toothbrush just sit out on your counter unguarded? This free sample deal will protect this very important hygenic tool.  These work for up to 7 days and prevent bacteria and other airborne germs. To get this free sample deal, use the request form found here

Get Even More Great Deals And Even Win Stuff at!

Congratulations to Michelle B. for being the highest quality poster this week! She will get a free amazon gift card for all her hard work! And of course there are more prizes to be had! Just keep posting on the and maybe you too will get a little gift. If your new to the, the website will […]

Big News! Launches Today!

It’s been an exciting year over here at Canada Samples, and 2014 looks like it’s about to be ready to offer you even more great free sample deals.  We were thinking: how can we bring our readers even more great deals and offer their own suggestions to the mix?  Our answer: ! This new site will […]

Free Sample Yoplait Greek Yogurt Taste Off Kit

There are so many kind of Greek yogurt out there, how can you tell which one is the best?  This free sample could help you choose which one is best.  You’ll be able to participate in the Yoplait Greek Yogurt Taste Off.  This offer will get you a gift card for 2 Greek yogurts (they […]

Free Canada Sample Purina Kitten Kit

So you have a new kitten, and you need a few new things to help welcome your new furry friend to your household.  This free Canada sample will get you a Purina Kitten Kit.  This kit includes a free kitten ID tag, coupon for a free bag of Purina kitten food, coupon for a free tin […]

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