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Free Sample Worx Energy Drink

This Free Canadian Sample is in a realm I’m not too familiar with. I never drink power bars or drinks. But a fair amount of people do. So it ts with this selfless attitude that I bring you this free sample. The form is Canadian friendly (only once you select Canada from the Country section). […]

Free Sample Emergen-C Supplements

This Free  Sample has been posted in past months, but is still around. I’ve received mine before, so I thought I’d nudge you with my elbow as a gentle reminder to anyone who missed it, or is new to the class. Here’s the deal about this Canada sample. They’re a supplement company. Vitamins, minerals, all that […]

Free Sample Green Magma

To be completely fair, this free Canada sample is probably wayyy better than it seems. I say probably  only because I’ve not had the opportunity to actually try this stuff. And also because healthy stuff is never as terrible tasting as you think it’s gonna be. What actually happens (before this free Canadian sample) is […]

Free Sample Immunity Fx

This Free Canadian Sample will bring out your super powers! Now, once and for all, everyone shall know the extent to which you are better than they. For this free sample will have you full of energy. It shall have you avoiding the evil, horrible sickness.It shall have you in good, overall health. So what’s […]

Free Sample Pillow Scents

This Free Canadian Sample is aromatically delicious. (Sorry, Lucky Charms.) And something I’ve never seen before. If you’ve never really believed in aromatherapy, this is your chance to test out the theory. These free samples are little scented inserts that you slip inside your pillowcase. Whether it’s lavender or eucalyptus, these babies are meant to […]

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