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Live Tonight: Free Sample L’Oreal BB Cream!

For tonight and maybe tomorrow, the free sample of L’Oreal BB Cream is live again and waiting for your sign up! Don’t miss out on a second chance to sign up for their exclusive offers for a limited time only. Love by polar bears everywhere! Live Tonight: Free Sample L’Oreal BB Cream!

Free Sample of Nutractive Skin Care

Here is a nice free sample skin care sample that is pretty easy to get.  You can make your skin smooth, feel great, and a whole lot of other filler words we could throw in here.   Sure this isn’t as good as adobe photoshop day cream… Free Sample of Nutractive Skin Care Via this […]

Free Sample Diorsnow Cream at the bay

Head over to the Bay and get a free sample of Diorsnow Cream.  Thankfully snow is over right? And we’re pretty sure Dior didn’t  just bottle up a batch of snow to give away at the bay. That would be cruel and unusual. For the description of this free sample they’ve thrown in the usual […]

Free Sample Vichy Normaderm Cream (Facebook)

You know how it is, ladies and gents, with this Free Canadian Sample. Once you get one Facebook offer, you’re likely to get another the very next day. And that is certainly the case with this free sample. Vichy is calling it their “7-day Challenge.” The word “challenge” is supposed to appeal to your competitive […]

Free Sample Dior Eye Cream (Voucher)

This Free Canadian Sample is for eyeballs. Well, not so much eyeballs as it is for the skin surrounding the immediate eyeball area. You understand what I’m trying to get at here. Because the skin around your eyes is so thin (at least, comparatively to the rest of your body), it tends to show signs […]

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