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Free Samples From Kotex U

Kotex U offers samples all the time it seems.  Here’s a new offer from them for Canadaians for maxi pads from them.  Note: while they have a number of products listed, the only Canada-friendly ones are U by Kotex Extra Regular Maxi Pads with Liners and U by Kotex Extra Long Maxi Pads with Liners.  To get […]

Free Sample Pack from Always & Tampax

Alert! Alert! This Free Canadian Sample is for women only. Orrrr very secure men who are not scared to do nice things for their lady friends. (A sizable woot woot you you fine lads!) I used to know a guy who would get uncomfortable even watching commercials for feminine hygiene products let alone ordering a […]

Free Sample Of U by Kotex Package

Thats right, more free Canada Samples for the lady parts. Ladies you know what I am talking about! Men you know what I am talking about too! Well, as another (female) Canada Samples writer said before perhaps us men really don’t have a lot of sensitivity related to this stuff. I mean, when my girlfriend […]

Free Canada Sample “Womanity” Fragrance

This Free Canadian Sample will make you more aware of your XX chromosomal arrangement. Ladies, ladies, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to Thierry Mugler’s new fragrance. It’s pink, it’s feminine, it’s “Womanity.” I had a good laugh when I hear that one, but it gets the point across. When Thierry Muglier makes a free […]

Free Sample Incognito Starter Kit Over?

This Free Sample is kind of vague. So if you’re a guy, you can pretty much stop reading right now. These are not really male-friendly free samples. Good news, ladies! That means this free sample  is made specifically for you. And your bodily functions. Incognito is a line of feminine hygiene products. And the free […]

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