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Free Sample of Proteus Cologne for Men
Free Sample of Proteus Cologne for Men

Calling all men! You can get a free 10ml sample of Proteus Cologne, with  touch of bergamot, spices, fig, masculine florals, and Amaretto.Simply send an email to Free Men Scent sample!

Free Sample Belle d’Opium Perfume

This Free Canadian Sample is not to be confused with the hard drug. This is very, very different. That new Belle d’Opium scent from Yves Saint Laurent (1.5 mL). And you know that anything with opium in it gets my vote (stay in school, kids). But seriously though, this free sample should smell decadent. I’ve […]

Free Sample Escada “Absolutely Me” Fragrance

This Free Canadian sample is all about you. You you you. Because who, after all, could be more important? The correct answer is: no one. And Escada knows this. That’s why they’re offering you the chance to partake in this Canada sample of their new, self-centred  fragrance. It’s called Absolutely Me, and it’s absolutely perfect. […]

Free Sample Chanel No.5 at Shoppers Drug Mart (Coupon)

This Free Canadian Sample reminds me of Amelie. You know, that French movie with the vivid colours and the cute little french girl in it? If you don’t know, you should thank this free sample for briniging it to my (and thus your) attention. Great movie, rent it. But in any case, the actress in […]

Free Sample Escada “Taj Sunset” Fragrance

This Free Canada Sample is scent-centred. And it’s one we haven’t seen before (or at least I haven’t). Escada brings us this colourful little ditty, and offers it to us all as a free sample that should get us ready for spring. In case you’re wondering what such a scent might smell like (or are […]

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