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Free Canadian Sample Kitten Food And Gift From Purina

Have you recently gotten a kitten and would love some freebies to help you out?  You’re in luck! Sign up for a MyKitten profile and you’ll get just that.  All you have to do when you sign up is fill out the form and tell them a little about yourself and your kitten and you’ll […]

Free Canada Sample Natura Pet Food (Coupon)

This Free Canadian sample is not a typo! I do not mean “Natural.” I really do mean “Natura.” That’s the company from which this free sample comes. And I suppose they want you to understand (upon reading their name apparently), that their products contain little/no artificial ingredients, so you can feel good about feeding it […]

Free Sample Bag of “By Nature” Pet Food

This Free Canadian Sample knows that you’ve been waiting for it. Waiting for another day when you could  finally claim another bag of food for your dog slash cat of choice. So here comes this free sample to the rescue. It’s a new company, but they all say the same thing. Blah blah all natural […]

Free Dog Tags for Dogs

You know poor fido has been running around without any dog tags so if he gets lost, what am I gonna do?  Already I’ve put dog tags on my kids, friends I meet, and even my pet hamster.  Somehow I missed out on Fido worrying about everyone else. That’s ok though soon enough he’ll be […]

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