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Free Sample of Catalyst Pre-Workout Drink Mix
Free Sample of Catalyst Pre-Workout Drink Mix

If you are a fitness fanatic and making sure you keep in shape in today’s day and age, you’re probably familiar with pre-workout drinks. Momentum Nutrition Catalyst is giving away free Pre-Workout Drink Mix in Strawberry Pineapple flavor. This mix increases energy, focus, enhances muscular endurance and increases your strength. Complete the short form for your […]

Free Sample Green Magma

To be completely fair, this free Canada sample is probably wayyy better than it seems. I say probably  only because I’ve not had the opportunity to actually try this stuff. And also because healthy stuff is never as terrible tasting as you think it’s gonna be. What actually happens (before this free Canadian sample) is […]

Free Sample Emergen-C Vitamin Drink

This Free  Sample has been posted in past months, but is still around. I’ve received mine before, so I thought I’d nudge you with my elbow as a gentle reminder to anyone who missed it or is new to the class. Here’s the deal about this Canada sample. They’re a supplement company. Vitamins, minerals, all that […]

Free Sample Whey Gourmet Protein Shake

This Free Canadian Sample is one that is close to my heart. Or rather, close to my father’s. I used to tease him all the time about his whey shakes and protein powders. And actually, I still continue to do so. I refer to them affectionately as his “steroids.” That seems to strike quite a […]

Free Canada Sample | Expresso Drink Mix EXPIRED

Go ahead and sign up for a Canada Sample that’s perfect for the mornings. It’s an expresso drink mix that also has protein the best free sample for drinking we’ve featured in awhile. We tried to get ahold of free wine samples, but unfortunately Scott dipped into the supply and passed out on the floor […]

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