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Free Sample Country Style Coffee (Mar 21-27)

Okay, so this Free Canadian Sample requires a little bit of work on your part. For you see, the promotion that Country Style is now offering is called “Sorry Try Again.” Apparently they’ve done these free samples in the past, since it’s “returning,” but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Here’s what you […]

Free Sample Kellogg’s Fibre Plus Cereal

This Free Canadian Sample is good for you. Because that’s important. We want you to be happy and healthy. And that includes your digestive tract. That’s why we’re featuring Kellogg’s Fibre Plus Cereal, now being offered as a free sample for the general public. The form for this free sample is a fun one. Most […]

Free Sample McDonalds Coffee (Feb 28-Mar 6)

This Free Canadian Sample is the one that just keeps giving and giving. McDonalds has done this a lot in the past. And they continue to do it on a regular basis. Apparently, the coffee is actually GOOD. Like, good enough to NOT be a free sample. I’m not sure why it hasn’t taken off […]

Free Canada Sample Maple Leaf Bacon (Facebook)

Talk about two scrumptious free Canadian Samples in a row! This one is for those of us who enjoy the salty, porky goodness that is bacon. It’s funny, because sometimes I’ll spend up to an hour looking for a good free sample (it’s true!). But today? Today was different. As soon as I saw the […]

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