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Free Sample Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Need to cover up uneven skin, blemishes, or the fact you’re sprouting another head?  This free sample from Smashbox is for a foundation primer that will help you hide these imperfections.  Eventually, the second head might need some of its own. To get this free sample deal, visit the Smashbox Facebook page here to request. Note: the […]

Free Sample Maybelline “Fit Me” Foundation (Facebook)

This Free Canadian Sample is just for you. Not your neighbour. Not your best friend. Not yo mama. Just you. It’s foundation that fits YOU, after all. And it’s a free sample, so that little detail ALSO probably fits you, yes? After  you “Like” the brand, go to the “FIT ME” tab on Maybelline’s Facebook […]

Free Sample Dior Eye Cream (Voucher)

This Free Canadian Sample is for eyeballs. Well, not so much eyeballs as it is for the skin surrounding the immediate eyeball area. You understand what I’m trying to get at here. Because the skin around your eyes is so thin (at least, comparatively to the rest of your body), it tends to show signs […]

Free Sample YSL Perfume and Clinique Makeup at The Bay

This Free Canadian sample (or samplesssss, I should say) are a peace offering to you. Not that we’re in a fight (I still olive juice you), but I have been experiencing some regret due to some of the more recent free samples expiring verrrry quickly. SO. In an effort to remedy this situation, here is […]

Free Sample L’Oreal Beauté Magazine

This Free sample is all about perks. It’s not just an “everyone’s welcome” sort of free sample. No ordinary citizen gets access to L’Oréal’s beauty magazine. Toms, Dicks and Harry’s be damned. This free sample comes as a gift to L’Oréal VIP member. The club itself provides you with access to some pretty nice things. […]

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