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Free Canadian Sample Roots Summer Collection On iTunes

Summer is coming!  It might not seem like it, but it’s only a few short weeks away.  Warm weather, sun, and fun.  But what can make it even better is some great music. Roots is offering you a collection of 10 songs that just might become your summer anthems.  And they’re free!!  Artists include Shawn […]

Free Sample Gift from Rogers (for non-customers too!)

You do NOT need to be a Roger’s customer to claim this Free Sample!#*&@#! I can qualify for this free sample, though I technically AM a Roger’s customer (digital cable, woot woot!) I thought this was exclusively for cell phone owners. Not so! Well, I’m sure the promotion was made in mind strictly for customers. […]

Free Tom Waits Sample Album

Get the first 8 songs with a free sample of the new album (practically the entire album).  Tom Waits is a great singer, a great artist and like everyone else he decided to release his own free sample.  The norm seems to be, record an album, release it as a free sample and hope people […]

Urban Outfitter Free Sample Downloads for Canada

Get  some free sample song downloads from Urban Outfitters in Canada.  Thanks to Urban Outfitters Canada these free sample song downloads are available to starting building up your indie music collection.  Anyone who’s been to Urban Outfitters can figure that these free samples songs are probably going to be some obscure indie bands, but if you’ve ever been in […]

Free Christmas Joy CD, Christmas Music CD

Joy around the world, let’s get ready for deals, shopping, and a month of craziness waking up at 5 am to be the first to buy the latest Elmo toy, that laptop for $200 or just for the fun of standing in lines that stretch around the store. But, while we stand in line, we’ve […]

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