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Free Sample Purina Puppy and Kitty Kit

We probably posted this free sample before, but the puppy AND/OR kitty kit is back. I mean who can say no to this cute face? It’s so adorable my free sample kit exploded. Awwww Awww you know you want one. You’ll even get to start out with a free kit for the little guy.  Otherwise, […]

Free Sample Puppy Kit (New)

While it is true that we’ve featured this Free Canadian Sample Puppy Kit recently, this is not the same thing. Well, it sort of is. Same product, but new link. New opportunity. So if you’re not opposed to TWO bags of dog chow, TWO little dog tags, and TWO of everything else this kit includes, […]

Free Sample Purina Shredded Dog Food

This Free Canadian Sample is another doggy ditty. Sigh. I must admit, while I am happy to bring you opportunities like this, I am also slightly saddened. Where my free samples for cats at? Alright, enough gangster lamenting. Onto the important stuff. Purina is always awesome with their promotions. It’s a big name company, with […]

Free Sample Purina Puppy or Kitten Kit

This Free Canadian sample is not a new one, but last time we saw it was in 2010 . So I’m sure there must be tons of new puppy/kitten births since then. If not, just go buy one anyways. Pets are the shizznit. Now, I’m not religious, but thank the pet gods for this Canadian […]

Free Sample Halo Dog & Cat Food (Coupon)

Today’s Free Canadian Sample is dedicated to man’s best friend. And those who love them. (Cue extended awwwww.) If you or someone you know has a Fido, Spot, Fluffy, Max or the like (and most likely this is the case since you clicked on this post), you’ll probably be interested in this. Halo is offering […]

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