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Free Sample Limewire T-shirt

This Free Canadian Sample is in honour of t-shirt time. You know, maybe the t-shirt before the t-shirt? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky to be ignorant of a shore in Jersey and just focus on this free sample. Apart from honouring t-shirt time, it also honours Limewire, that […]

Free Sample 127 Hours T-Shirt & Button

This Free Canadian Sample is in promotion of a film. It’s that new James Franco movie based on a true story. Where that dude is stranded in a cave for 172 hours and decides to cut off his own arm to escape. Do you know the one of which I speak? Apart from giving away […]

Free Canada Sample “Man Day” T-Shirt

This Free Canadian Sample is ho hot hot. Not in a temprature-relateted sense. More in a sweet @$$ mother-beeping t-shirt free sample! I know how much you guys love you some free t-shirts. So this one should be a fun little exercise to do. Early times is a brand of whisky, which we all know […]

Free Canadian Tshirt Freebie if you have a box of General Mills Cereal

So how many people here have purchased General Mills Cereal? Okay… I am guessing most of you…. since you probably have some sitting on your table that’s why this Canadian freebie is truly free. If not work with me here! We are trying to find the best free canada samples available. This one is a […]

Free AirlineTickets T-shirt – limit first 10,000

For limited time, companies are allowing you to print your airline tickets directly on your shirt. Kinda like that whole tshirt resume thing. Getting your airline tickets on your shirt tells the world “look at me! I am a go getter, I go places… and like to tell people about it”. Okay so maybe I […]

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