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Free Sample 3-D Glasses

This Free Canadian sample makes use of optical illusions. Technically, 3-D glasses are made up of red and blue cellophane, it’s really that simple. But I doubt you’d like to cut out plastic and colour it and then fashion it into a wearable set of spectacles like the free sample makers have done. So this […]

Free Sample Kleenex Tissue

This Free Canadian Sample was a good one, so I’m throwing it back to you guys once more since it still seems to be chuggin’ along. Anyhow, it’s all about sharing and caring. Like grade one all over again. Technically, this promotion by Kleenex is designed so that you can share a box with an […]

Free Canada Sample Brandsampler October 2010

This Free Canadian Sample came to me this aft from an email informant. Which I was initially surprised about, since the last Brandsampler happened in Septembs. That’s right, Brand Sampler is back again, and they’ve added some sexy new Canada free samples for all of us to enjoy. If you don’t know what the deal […]

Free Sample Glad Garbage Bag

This Free Sample is trashy. That is, not promiscuous or drunken, but literally related to trash. In what they’re calling the Great Glad Giveaway, Glad is giving away free samples of their bags that are glad (as you might have guessed). By the by, does anyone remember the Glad man? Who used to wear a […]

Free Sample “Feel Your Boobies” Sticker

This Free Sample is for a good cause. It’s not all about you, you know. Sometimes it’s about boobies. And because we care for them (not to mention the people attached to them), this free sample asks you to participate. The campaign is of course for breast cancer. (What were you thinking?) It was up […]

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