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Free Canadian Sample ParentsCanada Magazine Digital Issues

Considering everyone is always on the their phones and computers it makes a lot of sense to read digital magazines.  And this one is especially good for busy parents who don’t have the time to sit and read an actual magazine. Right now you can get free digital issues of ParentsCanada.  Read the most recent […]

Free Canadian Sample Issue All You Need Is Cheese Magazine

Mmmmmm….cheese…. Get a free issue of all you need is cheese (yes, all lower case) magazine.  In case you didn’t get it by the name, this magazine is chock full of cheese, cheese, and more cheese.  Register using the short form and you can either receive your free copy in the mail or you can […]

Free Canadian Living Digital Magazine Subscription

Reading a magazine can be fun and relaxing.  But having dozens of already read mags scattered throughout your house can be pretty annoying. If you love magazines, but would prefer to read them online, then this is definitely the offer for you. You can get a totally free digital subscription to Canadian Living magazine.  No […]

Free Canada Sample Roundup

This Free Canadian Sample edition comes to you as a gathering of small goods. So hopefully one of them strikes your fancy… 1) It’s been said that Subway sandwich locations have been handing out 2011 calendars. I know we’ve already seen tons of these free samples, but if you’ve been intoxicated or in a food […]

Free Sample 2 Issues of “The Walrus” Magazine

This Free Canadian Sample is one that’s been offered a couple times in the past. Bit I give zero sh*ts. It’s truly an intellectual treat! I dunno if you’re aware, but The Walrus is not just a free sample. It’s also an award-winning Canadian magazine that is sure to teach you something. Well, many things. […]

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