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Free Sample Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps

This Free Canadian Sample comes to you in advance, since they usually go fast. The time to act is actually closer to noon, but in case you don’t have a Living Well account (which you will need eventually), you can sign up for one right now. Which will make the process a million times easier […]

Free Sample “Oasis of Hope” Book (for Cancer)

This Free Canadian Sample is a good one. If you or someone you know has been afflicted with Cancer, this book should prove to be a valuable resource for you both. Even if you’re not personally diagnosed, understanding the disease and the role you play as a support system for others is big. Like huge. […]

Free Sample A.Vogel Echinacea

This free Sample is a doozy to spell. Even for me, who is particularly fond of words. The spelling of this free sample sits comfortably alongside chihuahua, ostentatious, and maybe even that supercalifragilistic… one from Mary Poppins! (I know you remember her!) Anyhow, don’t worry about spelling it. If you’ve got this stuff in your […]

Free Sample “Feel Your Boobies” Sticker

This Free Sample is for a good cause. It’s not all about you, you know. Sometimes it’s about boobies. And because we care for them (not to mention the people attached to them), this free sample asks you to participate. The campaign is of course for breast cancer. (What were you thinking?) It was up […]

Free Sample Absolüt Arnica Pain Gel

This Free Sample sounds somewhat foreign. It’s gotta be that “U” with the double dots on top of it, no? Sort of reminiscent of Absolüt Vodka. Unfortunately, though, this Canadian free sample is not the type to get you red-faced and giggly. As a pain relieving gel, it actually aims to get your achy-breaky red-face […]

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