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Free Canadian Sample Digital Movie Rental With Code From Pillsbury Pizza Pops/Pizza Minis

Have you recently purchased a box of Pillsbury Pizza Pops or Pizza Minis?  If so, check the box.  There may be more than just a tasty snack in there.  You might also find a code for a free digital movie rental. Did you find a code?  Great!  Now head over to Cineplex and you can […]

Free Samples from Canada iTunes til Jan 3

Starting tomorrow iTunes and other companies are joining forces to give away free samples for the Christmas season. As Michael pointed out on our forum: From December 23 through January 3, you and your friends can download free music, TV episodes, movies, apps, or books from some of the biggest stars on iTunes. To get […]

Free Sample Online Documentaries

This Free Sample is huge. Now, I know you guys like getting things like coffee and deodorant. Things that you can physically hold in your hand. But this free sample is all about online entertainment. So unfortunately it can’t be placed in a mug or swiped under your armpits. But I thought I’d throw something […]

Download of Slacker Uprising Free

Michael Moore is letting everyone download his new film slacker uprising for free.  Maybe this comes from the fact that a new spoof movie has been made about Michael Moore and he’s trying to counteract that? Sure he does bring some good issue to our attention, like George Bush, Health Care, etc, but didn’t we […]

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