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Free Sample Sharpie Liquid Pencil

This Free Canadian Sample is a little bit different. But don’t be scared, toots. It’s not too difficult. Normally, we have you guys fill out a form to receive your goodies. But THIS frees sample is only being promoted on the package of specially marked office products. So it’s kind of difficult to validate. UNTIL […]

Free Sample Moo Business Cards

This free sample is still available and shipping to Canadians. Moo will set you up with your own free sample Business Cards. You can get creative here and create your own job title. I am supervisor of Canadian free opportunities and sampling. Maybe you are the “Master Chef”, “King of the Household”, “Ceo of 742 […]

Free Sample Moo Business Cards

This Free Sample is one that I’ve been eying for a while, now. You know when yo see a potentially attractive person, but you just can’t get a good look at them? Not sure if they’re gorgeous or hideous? Yeah. That’s what this Canada sample was like for me. I try to be critical when […]

Free Sample MagneCote Magnetic Paper

This Free Canadian sample is a monumental fusion of materials. That’s correct. I’m talking pulp. I’m talking magnets. I’m talking pulpy magnets. Or magnet paper. You understand. I know this free Canadian sample is a little difficult to wrap your head around, so let’s read what MagneCoat themselves have written about this shiny, new product… […]

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