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Free Canadian Sample Screen Cleaner

You’re trying to peruse your favorite social media site, look at pics, watch a movie on Netflix, or check out the latest clips on YouTube.  But, they’re hard to see.  Why?  Do you need glasses?  No.  Your screen is smudged and smeared and full of fingerprints.  Gross. Make surfing the web more fun by cleaning […]

Free Sample Sharpie Liquid Pencil

This Free Canadian Sample is a little bit different. But don’t be scared, toots. It’s not too difficult. Normally, we have you guys fill out a form to receive your goodies. But THIS frees sample is only being promoted on the package of specially marked office products. So it’s kind of difficult to validate. UNTIL […]

Free Sample 3 For Free Pens

This Free Sample will facilitate your thought process. How many times have you been looking at a blank piece of paper, stumped as hell? You’re twiddling your pen (maybe soon your free sample pen). Maybe you can do that thing where it rolls across your thumb. Maybe you can spin it like a drumstick. Maybe […]

Free Sample Moo Business Cards

This Free Sample is one that I’ve been eying for a while, now. You know when yo see a potentially attractive person, but you just can’t get a good look at them? Not sure if they’re gorgeous or hideous? Yeah. That’s what this Canada sample was like for me. I try to be critical when […]

Free Samples of the EverWhite surface

So you have a habit writing on surfaces that you shouldn’t like everything from white walls to library books.  And your getting obsessive writing on more than you can handle.   They even wanted to commit you for writing all over the walls, but now you’ve got something to leverage with.  Tell em you’re going clean, […]

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