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Free Canadian Sample Pulse Canada Recipe Booklets

Do you know what a pulse is?  No, it’s not the thing that proves that you’re alive.  Well, it is, just not in this instance.  A pulse is a part of the legume family.  More specifically, the dried seed. Whether you know what a pulse is or not, what you might not know is what […]

Free Canadian Samples Canola Oil Resources From The Canola Council Of Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to learn all there is to know about Canola oil then this is going to make you very happy! The Canola Council of Canada is offering all types of resources about canola oil.  And they’re all free!  Choose from such items as the Eat Well and Be Well recipe booklet, a […]

Free Canadian Sample Recipes And Recipe Booklets From Robin Hood

Cooking is fun.  But, cooking without a recipe can be a disaster. Ensure that your next meal is delicious by checking out some of the free recipes offered by Robin Hood.  The brand has a page on their website full of recipes for any and every part of your meal.  Or, if you’d prefer, you […]

Free Sample Olivieri Recipe Book & Coupons

This Free Canadian Sample is taste-buddingly indulgent. And here’s why. It’s safe to assume that most of us enjoy Italian cuisine, I’d say. Garlic bread and pasta. Pasta and garlic bread. You get the gist. So when Olivieri offered us a chance to have at their recipe book as a free sample, I thought this […]

Free Sample Vegetarian Starter Kit

This Free Canadian Sample is healthy and humane. Healthy, because North Americans eat far too much meat to begin with. Humane, because this lifestyle doesn’t depend on hoarding animals in disgusting conditions then killing them shortly thereafter. But regardless what your motivation is for this free sample, it’s available to us all. I’m not  a […]

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