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Free Sample PureOlogy Hair Care (Facebook)

This Free Canadian Sample is a brand I’ve not heard of before. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t catch your attention. Word on the street is that these are really nice products. And the free sample street is unlikely to lie. If something is being said about a product slash service, it’s mostly because we […]

Free Sample Dove Treatment Conditioner (Facebook)

This Free Canadian Sample is rich. It’s rich. It’s bouncy. It’s full and luscious. I’m talking conditioner, baby. The essence of good hair. And now, we all have the chance (at least all of us on Facebook do) to get a free sample. There are 12,500 up for grabs, but sooner is always better than […]

Paul Mitchell Head for Change Sample

Paul Mitchell is offering free hair care samples in exchange for your email address.  This means you can finally stop using dish soap to wash your hair.  Of course you could effectively wash your dishes and body at the sametime, but then you might wonder why no one is coming over for dinner… We even […]

Shampoo, Conditioner, or Laundry Fluid Samples

After Christmas and Boxing Day, you got clothes but no laundry fluid to wash it up or maybe you got some shampoo but no conditioner. Or even worse, you were lazy this year and your letter to Santa went something like. Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. Send me toys and, yada, yada, yada. […]

Free Head and Shoulders Sample – Expired

Free head and shoulders trial size for finally getting the dandruff out of your hair.  Yeah sure those flakes look like snow and all the kids in school used to call you flakey the snowman and the scientests tried to figure out why it was snowing in Florida in August.  Well time to solve that […]

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