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Free Sample Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

This free Sample is a feat of washing engineering. (It’s also a repeat, but is still available so I just registered for another one under another name.) It’s a pretty cool free sample, actually. You know when you’re doing laundry (ugh) and you have to lug that huge bottle of detergent to get a small […]

Free Canada Sample Healthy Environs Bath & Body Products

This free Canadian Sample is all about your personal time. No, not *that* time! You nasty, dirty, blasphemous pervert. I’m talkin’ BATH time. Or shower time as it might be more appropriately described for me. Nothing against this free Canadian Sample, but I personally do not like taking baths. I feel like they get too […]

Lizard Soap for Free and Harveys Coupon

This is like a two for one sample, with both some lizard soap and harveys coupon (its a buy one get one free offer). Ok so only one thing is free… I just wanted to be weird and crazy like this childrens story about tiny kids who wander through a farm… No this soap won’t […]

Irish Spring Sample T Shirt Offer

The luck of the Irish be with thee as you get yer chance to win a free t shirt and get your own sample of Irish body wash. Now you can smell just like an Irish guy… like whisky? No, all sparkly clean, This sample came courtest of Katherine. Thanks alot! As they Katherine put it:”The […]

Organic Olive Soap for Free

I used to think olives belonged in salad and wine, but now get Olive in an organic soap too. Olive it!  (Bad pun…)  In any case yes, start smelling like your salad as you bathe, maybe start washing up with cheese and sauce and add on the olive soap and you’ll come out smelling like […]

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