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Free Sample 6 month McAfee Antivirus (Facebook)

This Free sample is one that I can attest to. For you see, I’ve killed multiple computers in my quest for music, videos, and literature on the web that is worldwide. And without this free sample, I’m pretty sure you have too. Add to this all the brouhaha about internet security thanks to things like […]

Free Sample Antivirus Software From Microsoft

Dear Hacker, we’ve known each other 2 months, but I am installing this free antivirus software from Microsoft, a free sample offered from Canada Samples. to terminate our relationship. Without this free sample, you infected my computer with a trojan. We met when my screen started flashing and randomly shutting off. At first I thought […]

Graboid Free Trial Membership, Download Free Movies

Graboid sounds like something from a  tremors movie, but actually, it’s a pretty cool downloading program now offering 4000mbs of download for signing up.  We use graboid for getting our movie downloads, or the latest shows we missed last night. So what makes graboid different than any other movie programs like kazaa or bearshare?  This […]

Free Red Alert 1 from EA for Free Download

To celebrate the release of Red Alert 3, EA is letting anyone download the original command and conquer war simulation game for free.  If you buy Red Alert 3 today, they will give you Red Alert 2 for free as well. Back in the days of youth, we adjusted our bifocals to stay inside and […]

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