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Free Sample “Feel Your Boobies” Sticker

This Free Sample is for a good cause. It’s not all about you, you know. Sometimes it’s about boobies. And because we care for them (not to mention the people attached to them), this free sample asks you to participate. The campaign is of course for breast cancer. (What were you thinking?) It was up […]

Free Sample Gift from Rogers (for non-customers too!)

You do NOT need to be a Roger’s customer to claim this Free Sample!#*&@#! I can qualify for this free sample, though I technically AM a Roger’s customer (digital cable, woot woot!) I thought this was exclusively for cell phone owners. Not so! Well, I’m sure the promotion was made in mind strictly for customers. […]

Free Canada Sample Peta “Hug a Vegetarian” Pack

This Free Canadian Sample is the polar opposite of yesterday’s. But why not try to appeal to everyone’s interests? Whether that’s pork? Or NON pork, specifically. There is a little something for everybody when it comes to free samples. Lots of times, I know vegetarians have a hard time explaining to people (in a convincing […]

Free Samples from Peta | Free Stuff Gone Too Far?

We recently read about yet another free sample going around from Peta.  This free Canada sample is against probably going a bit too far.  They are calling this free sample sticker an “Olympic Shame”.  It doesn’t seem to put out a logo against the Canada’s Winter Olympics just because some Seal Clubbers are killing seals. […]

Free Sample Flying Guide and Decal expired

Now a free sample that helps you get closer to flying.  Unfortunately this free sample has nothing to do with frequent flyer miles, but rather a guide on how to start flying.  Plus you’ll get a little booklet besides the guide.  You can use this to impress your friends, add to your bathroom reading collection, […]

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