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Free Canadian Sample Coffee Or Tea With IKEA FAMILY Membership

IKEA.  That’s the store that offers furniture that comes in like a million pieces and delicious Swedish meatballs, right?  Yep.  But they do offer more than that. Want to get the most from your local IKEA store?  All you have to do is join IKEA FAMILY.  As a member you’ll get offers and rewards, a […]

Free Canadian Sample Cup Of Tea From DAVIDsTEA

This is the perfect time of year for a hot tea.  What could make it even more perfect?  Free tea! Sign up for DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper program and you’ll get that just.  When you sign up you’ll be given two cards–one for your keychain and one for your wallet.  Use the card each time you […]

Free Sample of Jamun Tea

Hello and welcome to Kitty cafe. We’ll be serving you a free sample of Jamun Tea. Feel free to pet any of the kittys in the cafe. Don’t mind the cat hair floating in your bowl, thats just part of the flavor. At kitty cafe cafe we have a little joke that goes, meow meow […]

Free Sample ZingVia Sweetener

This Free Canadian Sample has been chilling out for a while now. I’ve seen it around. Eyed it and walked by it.Just wasn’t sure what to think of it. But I’ve been seeing lots of people show interest in it, so I thought i might feature it as today’s free sample. This particular sweetener contains […]

Free Canada Sample Fix Energy Tea

This Free Canada Sample arrived for me today. I can’t remember when exactly I ordered it, but it was pretty recently. Definitely a shorter wait than usual. Furthermore, I didn’t think it would come (based on the host website). But since it has, I will now share it with you so that you can get […]

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