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Free T-Shirt From General Mills With Pin Code

Go to your pantry, check your cabinets, look on your counter!  Do you have a box of General Mills cereal?  Does it have a graphic on the front about a free T-shirt?  Yes?  Then it’s your lucky day! Inside specially marked packages of General Mills cereal is a pin code.  This pin code can be […]

Free Sample Limewire T-shirt

This Free Canadian Sample is in honour of t-shirt time. You know, maybe the t-shirt before the t-shirt? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky to be ignorant of a shore in Jersey and just focus on this free sample. Apart from honouring t-shirt time, it also honours Limewire, that […]

Free Sample 127 Hours T-Shirt & Button

This Free Canadian Sample is in promotion of a film. It’s that new James Franco movie based on a true story. Where that dude is stranded in a cave for 172 hours and decides to cut off his own arm to escape. Do you know the one of which I speak? Apart from giving away […]

Free Canada Sample “Man Day” T-Shirt

This Free Canadian Sample is ho hot hot. Not in a temprature-relateted sense. More in a sweet @$$ mother-beeping t-shirt free sample! I know how much you guys love you some free t-shirts. So this one should be a fun little exercise to do. Early times is a brand of whisky, which we all know […]

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