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Windows 7 Download for Beta, Free for Canada

If you were sick of Windows 6 or found that Windows 5 kept eating your recordable cds, come over to Windows 7 and preview what the new Windows is going to be like.  Alright so when they officially release Windows 7, your beta version won’t work anymore and well that might be bad news for […]

Free Moosehead Cooler Bags (first 4000)

I like free beer samples! If you like free beer samples, and are expecting one here, you are going to be super dissapointed. That is because this isn’t for a free beer sample, but for a free Cooler Bag. Still what good is free beer if it isn’t cold? So while you are going to […]

Free New Yorker Special Addition Inauguration Cover

Okay… so we get it, you’re Canadian, aye. You don’t care about everything that happens in the United States. In fact the truth is most Americans don’t even know who Canadian’s Prime Minister is. I bet you some don’t even know that they have a Prime Minister. So why in the world would you want […]

Free Airwick Mini Spray Kits Canada

This Canadian Freebie requires a little bit of hunting. It wont come in the mail either, but don’t fret, it is free. It fact its better than free. They actually pay you to take it (in theory)! Searching can be fun too! Just pretend like you are on one of those shop till you drop […]

Free Rejection Hotline Numbers for Canada

Free Rejection Hotline numbers… finally something we can use. Have you ever been to the bar and had somebody hit on you none stop (happens to me all the time). Finally to get that person off your back… you give them the wrong number. But CRAP! You can’t think on your feet… the other person […]

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