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Free Tripadvisor Luggage Tags

We all love to travel, but nothing says travel superstar like free luggage tags from Trip Advisor. It says.. look at me I like to travel, but am too cool to spend $10 for the leather luggage tag. But you don’t want those cheap plastic thingys that you get for free to fall off the […]

Free Dry Mouth Sample for Canadians by Xylimelts

Do you have Dry Mouth? Are you Canadian? If you are looking for a free sample of XyliMelts, designed to help you with your dry mouth, you came to the right place. Well you may be asking, what is dry mouth? According to WebMD, we all need saliva to moisten and clean our mouth. It […]

Wrapid Wrap Gift Card Holder for Canada

When I first saw this Canada Sample Wrapid Wrap I thought Wrapid Wrap? What kind  name is that? Now that we are pointing the finger, Wrapid Wrap is probably asking why a name like Canada Samples? Why not just We Love Samples or Samples Rule? In any case, the real reason behind the name is […]

Free Childrens Coloring Book for Canadians

This Childrens Coloring and Activity Book is coming straight via PDF because, maybe like me, you are sicking of waiting 4 weeks for free stuff. You can download this Childrens Coloring and Activity Book today, yes now, pronto, and give your kids something to do while you prepare that Christmas feast. Or maybe it’s a […]

Free Message to the Canadian Troops

Lets use this Christmas season to boost the troops morale who are out fighting for Canada.  Sure many are abroad during Christmas and during this time especially they need a bit of morale.  So we are sending them a free message to let them know, thanks for sticking up for Canada and risking your lives […]

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