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Free Sample Curves 1 Week Membership

This Free Canadian Sample is about moving. Moving away from this computer and towards something that looks like an exercise machine. That’s right. I said it. And if you feel like you might not be looking your best, this free sample will give you a chance the change that. For Curves is inviting us all […]

Free Sample GoodLife 3 Day Pass & Audio CD

This Free Canadian Sample goes perfectly with that new years resolution you made. You know, the one about only eating lettuce and working out for 3 hours every day. Remember? To give it the old college try, you are now entitled to a few (or three, to be exact) free sample visits to your local […]

Free Sample Lulu Lemon Yoga Classes (In Store & Facebook)

This Free Canadian Sample will have you feeling young and limber in no time. for if you haven’t jumped on the yoga bandwagon just yet, this is your opportunity. Lulu Lemon and their insanely comfortable exercise pantalooms are promoting an active lifestyle by offering free yoga classes. This free sample partnership ultimately makes sense because […]

President Cheese Workout Video for Free

President Cheese is here to help you get your workout going with videos to help you meet your new years resolutions from 1987 you have yet to start.  In the meanwhile if you are like me (I was only 3 at the time), you started building up that body fat, getting ready for 2009 when […]

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