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Chocolate Cheater Free Samples for Canada EXPIRED?

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A chocolate free sample is cheating when you are on the 1000 a day calorie diet. But how I want to cheat with free samples of choclate when a big chocolate cake is staring me in the face. Then comes a chocolate brownie.. mmm Ohhh here comes a rich, dark, piece of chocolate pie…  Free Samples of chocolate of something that are tempting to sign up for when you work at a bakery shop and need to lose weight. So you hold back… but then you stick your face into the chocolate pie.. but no you do not lick it or put your mouth in, you just enjoy the chocolate rubbing against your face wishing you could eat it. Of course this is why I no longer work at a chocolate pie shop, too many face imprints on their cakes and pies.

So those who did get my face on their cake, I hope you enjoyed it. But don’t worry it won’t happen again since now I’ve got a solution with a free sample

Cheating With Chocolate Free Samples
Sign up via this link When I checked again this afternoon the entire website seems to be down. Overload? Website problems? We don’t know at this point.

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Expired, Not Free ?

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27 Responses to “Chocolate Cheater Free Samples for Canada EXPIRED?”

  1. Deb says:

    I got website cannot be found

  2. ElsaLAbbe says:

    link is broken

  3. Enid says:

    I also got website not found

  4. rosemarie says:

    it sent me to a soy place was disapointed

  5. maritza says:

    Page Not Found :(

  6. mary says:

    I also got website not found

  7. Martin says:

    Not found too

  8. Karen says:

    Looks like there’s a typo in your html. Takes us nowhere.

  9. shelley rutledge says:

    I keep getting page not found wish they would fix it

  10. karen says:

    page cant be displayed

  11. Mary Ann says:

    I got site not found as well. Can this be fixed. I loooove chocolate

  12. loree says:

    Link is broken:(

  13. Laura says:

    I also got website not found.

  14. lu says:

    Blank nothing happened

  15. Charlotte says:

    Not found as well- weird!!! [so sad going to cry]

  16. felortie says:

    iam asking myself why that when a sampkle is offered it is mont of the time to get it in canada even if the stores do operate in canada ex:wall mart
    i wonder if i will keep gouing to these store
    i find that it is an insult for canadian and i wonder if the respect is a word that they know

  17. guylaine says:

    Blank nothing happened

  18. Erin P says:

    No web site is configured at this address. Boo-hoo!!

  19. Cat Mah says:

    What does soycrisps have to do with chocolate? Sounds pretty fishy.

  20. Alley-Cat says:

    I got the same thing as everybody else “websit cannot be found”. Thats what we got for free. Goodluck to everyone else.

  21. Carol-Ann says:

    I got the same thing too that the website cannot be found I guess no chocolate today

  22. Zoe says:

    I was able to access this site when the link was first put up and i signed up so we will just have to see if they come because now like every one else i can’t access it

  23. Carole Marshall says:

    i also found the website is down for the Chocolate Cheater

  24. carrie says:

    Hey! It said this offer expired December 2008. Wahhh!

  25. carrie says:

    Hehe. Look at all the comments when the topic is about chocolate!

  26. Christine says:

    Yep, this offer expired in December 2008.

  27. Glenda says:

    Another go no where link! Bad PR!!

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