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Dial Up Internet Access Free in Canada, Free Providers

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Though we would go crazy on dial up internet access, it is actually still free in canada thanks to a certain couple of free internet access providers dishing out lovely old broadband internet.  Do you remember the days of zzzzzkrrrrrrzzeeeeeee?  We are trying to forget, but you never know when dial up internet access can be useful.  Sometimes the internet goes out and even the coffee shop down the street loses internet and we start pulling our hair wondering how we are going to update this website.

So if you really do nee dial up internet and have some fascination with strange kzzzzzzzz sounds, we found two access providers for you:

Juno – free access numbers via THIS LINK

Netzero – free access numbers via THIS LINK

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2 Responses to “Dial Up Internet Access Free in Canada, Free Providers”

  1. Ann C says:

    oh no not dial up…where would we go and how longggggggggggg would it take….hahahahaha…

  2. Mary S says:

    Neither are available in our area the same as high speed is not available in our area of Ontario

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